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More Unity Among Catholic Secondary Schools

Principal of the JW Fletcher Catholic Secondary School – (JWFCSS) Mr. Elvis Morain said that he would like to see some more unity among the Catholic Secondary Schools in Grenada. See details

Grand Caribbean Cruise

For more information contact the cruise center: 440 7245 or 409 3772 Email: See details


Good News Catholic Network Radio 99.5FM. NOW BROADCASTING ISLANDWIDE See details

More Unity Among Catholic Secondary Schools Grand Caribbean Cruise NOW BROADCASTING ISLANDWIDE

Seized by the drama of the LITURGY

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Fr. Hugh Logan depicts a Roman Soldier during Passion Play
Whenever I see a play on a theatre stage or on a cinema/TV screen it does me good. It opens up my world; it enlightens and enriches my world!   Reading a certain type of novel has the same effect on me! It’s not that I’m escaping the ‘real world’ by entering the world of fiction. I find I’m being drawn into, even sharing in the world of other people – their joys, sorrows, successes and failures. I would even go so far as to say that these excursions throw light on my own self, my own world.


We welcome Our Newest Priests

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Fr. Iuvenis Iheme CM (left) and Fr. Evaristus Akabueze CM
 belong to the Congregation of the Mission. Both are from Nigeria. The
Congregation of the Missions, the Vincentians, is an international congregation
of priests and brothers, founded in 1625 in France by St. Vincent de Paul. 

Christmas Message from His Lordship Bishop Vincent Darius OP

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Two thousand years ago the angels sang this chorus, heralding the birth of the Prince of Peace, “Glory to God in the highest heavens and on earth, peace to men of good will.”

Peace is God’s good will to humanity; peace is God’s gift to us. Christ is God’s peace among us. He is the Prince of Peace. The message of peace was very frequent on his lips. “Go in peace your sins are forgiven.” “Blessed are the peacemakers.”  “When you enter a house say, “Peace be to this house.” “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.” After his resurrection, his constant greeting was, “Peace be with you.”

Where is that peace? It is not to be found in the absence of violence, terrorism and wars. It is not found in religious persons, politicians or other persons. It is not even found in me.

The peace of Christ is not the result of human effort.  So many efforts have been made to end the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians and they have failed. The prospects for a lasting peace settlement seem to be very elusive. Think about the many areas in our world where time, money and energy are being utilized to obtain peace and to no avail.

The peace of Christ is a gift. It is a gift to us. But although peace is Christ’s gift, peace in the world becomes our responsibility. We are called to use the peace of Christ to create peace in a very broken and fragmented world. At our liturgical celebrations when we are invited to give the sign of peace, we should treat that moment as a solemn occasion. It is the moment when we should all say to ourselves, “Yes, Lord, I accept the challenge to be a peacemaker.”

Finally if we want peace in our word, we must work for justice. As long as our systems, institutions and policies are unjust, there would never be peace.

I pray that, during this Christmas season, we would leave the doors to our hearts wide open so that the Prince of Peace many enter and so transform our lives. 

Wishing all a Blessed Christmas and God’s richest blessings for the New Year.


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Just into its third year of life, the JWFCSS is already preparing students for the CXC exams this academic year. Principal Mr. Elvis Morain hinted that the staff has identified some academic abilities within some students, which made them feel that such students could successfully attempt the CXC in June 2015. Mr. Morain, a former vice-principal of the St. David’s Catholic Secondary School (SDCSS) and first principal of the JWFCSS, says that he is prepared to offer these students an early opportunity.  


My Meeting With Pope Francis

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Pope Francis shaking Fr. Sean’s hand
The sun was already hot in St. Peter’s Square on 21st May 2014 when, with my fellow representatives of the global Jubilee movement I joined the line to clear security to be admitted to the weekly public audience of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Brandishing our special pass we were escorted across the Square right up on to the steps of the basilica to a position, only yards away from the spot where the Holy Father himself would be seated as he addressed the assembled thousands in St. Peter’s Square.