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More Unity Among Catholic Secondary Schools

Principal of the JW Fletcher Catholic Secondary School – (JWFCSS) Mr. Elvis Morain said that he would like to see some more unity among the Catholic Secondary Schools in Grenada. See details

Grand Caribbean Cruise

For more information contact the cruise center: 440 7245 or 409 3772 Email: See details


Good News Catholic Network Radio 99.5FM. NOW BROADCASTING ISLANDWIDE See details

More Unity Among Catholic Secondary Schools Grand Caribbean Cruise NOW BROADCASTING ISLANDWIDE


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Just into its third year of life, the JWFCSS is already preparing students for the CXC exams this academic year. Principal Mr. Elvis Morain hinted that the staff has identified some academic abilities within some students, which made them feel that such students could successfully attempt the CXC in June 2015. Mr. Morain, a former vice-principal of the St. David’s Catholic Secondary School (SDCSS) and first principal of the JWFCSS, says that he is prepared to offer these students an early opportunity.  


My Meeting With Pope Francis

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Pope Francis shaking Fr. Sean’s hand
The sun was already hot in St. Peter’s Square on 21st May 2014 when, with my fellow representatives of the global Jubilee movement I joined the line to clear security to be admitted to the weekly public audience of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Brandishing our special pass we were escorted across the Square right up on to the steps of the basilica to a position, only yards away from the spot where the Holy Father himself would be seated as he addressed the assembled thousands in St. Peter’s Square. 


Jubilee Is A Biblical Idea

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God knew that some of the people of Israel would have to borrow money or sell their land and that if they did, they, along with their descendants would be in danger of ending up poor while others, who are more fortunate, could become rich by lending and speculating. Before settling them into the Promised Land, God gave the Jewish people a special law. Every fiftieth year was to be a “Jubilee Year”, when all debts had to be remitted and all land bought since the previous jubilee had to be returned to its original owner.  (Leviticus 25:8-13)


Synod Implementation

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Youth and Young Adults, Evangelization and Stewardship will be the focus of two upcoming workshops which form part of the Synod implementation process. 
The diocese is expecting approximately 150 participants representing parishes throughout Grenada to attend the sessions on November 15 and 22.  The workshops are designed to plan activities geared at putting into action the three main goals which emerged out of the two-year synod consultation process at the parish level. 
To ensure the effectiveness of the implementation process, the Diocesan Implementation Commission has advised parish administrators to convene Parish Implementation Committees comprising parishioners who were engaged in the consultation process in order to put measures in place to implement the action items of the priority goals. 
In preparation for the November workshops, Parish Implementation Committees are being encouraged to review the Synod action plan with a view to reaching the best means possible for achieving the established priority goals of the diocese. 
The workshops are to be held as follows: 
a. November 15th – Evangelization & Stewardship (Norton Hall) 9:30am. 
b. November 22nd – Youth & Young Adult & Stewardship (Mt. St. Evans) 9:30am.
The Diocesan Implementation Commission is expecting the Parish Commissions to devise the beast means possible for implementing the diocesan goals within the established timelines, with the involvement of all parishioners


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Kelvin Edward Felix was born on February 15, 1933, in Roseau, Dominica. He was one of nine children born to Major Edward Mosley Felix, Chief of the Dominica Police Force, and his wife Melanie Cadette. Young Kelvin received his primary edu­cation at the Roseau Boys School, and his secondary education at the Dominica Grammar School. He had a sunny, jovial personality that endeared him to friends and acquaintances alike.