Synod Resolutions

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Diocesan Synod

It is said that a nation without a vision perishes and the same holds true for the Church. This is why our Diocese is having its first ever Synod to chart the way forward if it is to adequately meet the challenges of our times. The Synod is a process of consultations among the clergy, religious and laity. The process started in January 2010 and is going with consultations being done at the parish level.

Priority Area 1


Goal:That Catholics get so excited about their faith that they willing share with others.


Ever conscious that the Holy Spirit is the presence of Jesus Christ and that the Spirit, the first gift of the risen Christ to his people, gives us both the ability to receive the Gospel of Jesus and, in response, the power to proclaim;

Conscious that without the Holy Spirit, evangelization simply cannot occur, and it is the Spirit that brings about evangelization in the life of the Church;

And ever conscious that we are summoned to embrace the New Evangelization and to become missionary disciples; that the New Evangelization being a renewed call to Catholics to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church;


1.    Be it resolved that the Diocese embark on a formation programme on the New Evangelization for clergy, religious and lay ministers in order to assist them in their roles as shepherds in the building up of our families, schools , catholic  parishes as communities of missionary disciples

  1. Be it resolved that there be established in every parish an Evangelization Committee whose responsibility it shall be to develop and implement an evangelization plan according to the spirit of the Synod.
  2. Be it resolved that the ministry of each Church organization be reviewed with the purpose of helping their members embrace the New Evangelization and the call to be missionary disciples of Christ.


  1. Be it resolved that there be established a  Diocesan Catechetical Commission which would serve as an umbrella body  for all educators of the Catholic faith and provide   comprehensive training in Catechesis as well as  other resources.
  2. Be it resolved that the Diocese, through the Catholic Education Board of Management( CEBM ) in collaboration with the Diocesan Catechetical Commission, embark on a programme to recapture the Catholic identity in our schools as enshrined in the following documents :

                                     i.         Catholic Schools by the congregation for Catholic Education

                                   ii.         Antilles Episcopal Conference(AEC)  Pastoral Letter on Catholic Schools

                                 iii.         Catholic Education Board of Management (CEBM’s)  Handbook on Catholic Education


Priority Area 11


Goal: That all Catholics cultivate Stewardship as a way of life by engaging self and others to gratefully share their God given gift through Prayer, Service and Giving


Fully aware that Stewardship is a complete lifestyle, a life of total accountability and responsibility and acknowledging God as Creator and Owner of all; recognizing that Stewardship is responsible management of our God-given resources of time, talent and treasure and nature; aware that involves a conversion of the heart Stewardship enhances our relationships with God and one another and is the living out of a commitment to be Christ-centered rather than self-centered;


  1. Be it resolved that the diocese embark on continuous education and formation of clergy, religious and laity to facilitate a culture of stewardship.
  2. Be it resolved that there be established a Diocesan Stewardship Commission with responsibility to spearhead the implementation of stewardship in the Diocese.
  3. Be it resolved that Episcopal Vicars/Delegates be appointed for Evangelization, Stewardship and Administration and Youth and Young Adults in order to spearhead the implementation of the Synod Resolutions.
  4. Be it resolved that the diocese embark on a continuous evaluation of the current administrative structure and procedures of the diocese to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Be it resolved that the Diocese conduct an ongoing analysis into the historical, political, social, cultural, ecclesial, and economic factors, which impact her members in order to facilitate proactive planning for the well being of the church.
  6. Be it resolved that a Diocesan Properties and Development Office be established with the responsibility to compile, maintain and constantly analyze the inventory of the church’s properties and other fixed assets in order to maximize  the utilization of her resources.


Priority Area 111


Goal:That youth and Young Adults are empowered to participate fully in the life and mission of the church as missionary disciples of Christ.


Recognizing the “force that young people are in society and for the Church today” and guided by the motto Antilles Episcopal Conference Youth Commission (AECYC): “Empowering Youth for Discipleship and Service”;


  1. Be it resolved that the re-organization and strengthening of our Youth Ministry and the stabilization of the young adult ministry be of paramount importance to the diocese of St. George’s, in order to facilitate its essential functions, which include Ecclesial Community, Evangelization, Catechesis, Pastoral Care, and Advocacy.
  2. Be it resolved that the diocese embark on a system of continuous leadership training with particular emphasis on Catechesis  and Personal Development geared at developing young leaders with adequate life skills to be used in the service of building God’s kingdom here on earth.
  3. Be it resolved that Youth ministry  create an environment conducive to fostering faith formation programms that will nurture spiritual development and  a deeper relationship with Christ
  4. Be it resolved that the diocese develop a comprehensive and diverse spiritual and vocations programme, which will foster and enrich ideas and deepen an understanding of one’s call.
  5. Be it resolved that parish priests and councils be actively involved in youth ministry, support and engage the youth in organizing and exploiting their skills and talents, with specific emphasis on the music ministry, for the growth and development of the church while fostering healthy relationships among youth and other members of the community.
  6. Be it resolved that the Youth Ministry, under the component of service, embrace the corporal works of mercy by ministering to the poor and marginalized.