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Almighty Father, we of Good News Catholic Network, Grenada, need your help. We know that it is your will that we should serve your people through Catholic Journalism, radio and television. You have given us the skills to do so.Gradually you have enabled us to aquire the equipment to do so. 

We should be able to reach every corner of this Nation through our radio station. We aspire soon to be able to do so through television. So many who are already receiving our broadcasts express their appreciation. Those who are denied this service are disappointed and extremely annoyed. We have done everything in our power to overcome our difficulties,and are still trying.

We now call upon the saints to unite their prayers with ours.

St. Gabriel, patron saint of radio,pray for Goodnews Catholic Network.

St. Clare,patron saint of television, pray for Goodnews Catholic Network.

St. Francis of Sales, patron saint of journalism pray for Goodnews Catholic Network.

All of those who value our work, pray for Goodnews Catholic Network.

Almighty Father, you have the power. Nothing and nobody can defeat your purposes. We beg you to enable us to fulfil our potential as media practitioners. May this be for spiritual well-being of your people in this land, in the service of Evangelization, and for your greater honour and glory, through Christ our Lord. Amen.